Our Team of Subcontractors

As part of what we do, we need the help of a lot of good and reliable people. We rely heavily on people who take pride in their work, focus on doing things well, and have a great deal of integrity. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do if it weren’t for these amazing folks helpings us out every step of the way!

Our Team of Subcontractors:

Putnam Plumbing: Rob Reitano (435) 773-7866
Carmack HVAC: Darin Carmack (435) 703-3066
Southern Utah Flooring: David Fink (435) 632-1048
Troy McBride Inspections:  Troy McBride (435) 773-3454
Flying W Ventures Handyman: Justin Wanlass (208) 206-1283
Dixie Custom Tile: Freddy Flores (435) 680-2986
Wilde Electric: Terry Wilde (435) 632-7297
Precision Painting: Buck Howard (435) 772-5404
Dixie Roof Repair: Todd Iverson (435) 359-9386

We want to thank this amazing team of contractors that keep us moving forward. They are the “behind the scenes” team that make the rest of what we do really work. We also want to let you know that they are here to help you in any way possible. Consider this to be you “directory” of highly reliable contractors. A good contractor with a very reputable background can be hard to come by and we are here to help you by giving our personal recommendation of each of these contractors and their respective companies. Give them a call!